Open letter regarding migration cooperation with Tunisia

2 August 2023 – Letter addressed to
– Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission
– 27 Member States governments

Dear Mrs. Von der Leyen,

We are writing to you to express our indignation and deep opposition to the Memorandum of Understanding with Tunisia, further expanding Fortress Europe, and to denounce the lack of formal condemnation of the racist treatment of and human rights violations against people on the move by Tunisia’s government. A situation that has been described by the UN as illegal under international law.

In a statement from the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) of 18 July, UN experts condemned Tunisia’s racist treatment of Sub-Saharan migrants, emphasizing that “collective expulsions are prohibited under international law” and that “racial hate speech that constitutes incitement to discrimination has real consequences, including violence”.

While the abuses, including collective expulsions, have been going on for years, they intensified this year after racist hate speech by Tunisian president Kaïs Saïed. At the beginning of July, more than 1200 migrants were expelled from the city of Sfax. They were sent to the borders with Libya and Algeria and left there to die. While some hundreds have been rescued, groups of people still remain at the borders today in life-threatening situations.

In view of this abhorrent situation, instead of ensuring loud and clear condemnation of these actions by European States through the voice of the European Commission, you went to Tunisia to sign a strategic agreement legitimizing and strengthening the increasingly authoritarian regime of Saïed in exchange for more migrants deaths. The EU has been funding Tunisia’s human rights abuses with at least €93-178 million since 2015 and is now planning to reward the government’s increasingly murderous actions with a staggering €1 billion. All to further externalise EUrope’s borders, extending Fortress Europe’s walls and barbed wire in order to prevent people from moving. What is really shocking is to encourage a state in its full anti-democratic and racist practice to act as the umpteenth external implementer of your own violent and racist border regime. Only over the past year we have seen similar agreements on migration control between the EU and/or its member states with amongst others Morocco, Libya and Egypt.

You met president Saïed, a person symbolising the opposite of all the values the EU supposedly stands for. He is against the abolition of the death penalty, against the repeal of laws punishing homosexuality,against equality, and permanently spreading racist discourse. You have this meeting accompanied by the President of Italy Giorgia Meloni, the first post-fascist leader of a country that founded the EU! You were also joined by the resigning Prime minister Mark Rutte, who told press he isn’t concerned by Tunisia’s racist treatment of people on the move, happily smiling as you shook hands in the name of the EU. Clearly the treatment inflicted on women and children abandoned in the middle of the desert without food, water and shelter doesn’t bother you at all. You should be ashamed, but instead you congratulate each other on the great deal achieved.

A significant part of the €105 million for the anti-migration part of this agreement will go to the supply of border security equipment, such as patrol vessels, drones and radar, to Tunisia. This will only benefit the arms industry, while it increases the risks for people trying to cross to Europe, making the Mediterranean even more dangerous and lethal. This year alone, almost 2000 people on the move have died here, that we know of.

We are addressing you in the name of the human dignity that drives us to express our deep disgust at such manoeuvrers which are far from being carried out with the consent of all European citizens.

We demand
– that the EU repeals the Memorandum of Understanding with Tunisia
– that the EU and its member states halt all its funding to Tunisia for migration control
– that all EU member states revoke Tunisia’s status as safe third country and do not designate it as such in future
– that the EU stops the externalisation of its borders to third countries, including but not limited to Tunisia
– that the EU instead creates safe and legal pathways for migrants to enter the Union


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