From Europe to Brussels: Say No to Migration and Asylum Pact! Let’s fight collectively this European policy on Migration and Asylum!

On April 10, the European Parliament is expected to vote on the Migration and Asylum Pact-to be. This will have dire consequences on the lives of migrants while institutionalizing the most brutal and repressive practices.

The new Migration and Asylum Pact provides for a system threatening the right to asylum in the European Union and allowing massive human rights violations in Europe just because of their migrant status. Put together, those new regulations will serve as the backbone for a new system of “migration management” within the EU, based on:

  • De facto detention at the border with no exception for families with children, regardless of their age, fast track procedures with lower standards for asylum request proceedings in lieu of a complete and fair examination of the requests, as well as an emphasis on deportations with less protection;
  • Lots of asylum seekers will end up stuck in procedures at the border, while the introduction of the “non-entry” legal fiction will have them considered as not on EU ground, thus allowing inferior standards to apply and raising the risk of human rights violations and push-backs at the border. Even unaccompanied minors could be detained during these border procedures if considered as a « threat to national security or public order ». Morever, experience has shown that detaining people en masse  at the border for extended periods of time only leads to overpopulated and inhumane conditions, as seen in the Greek islands;
  • Because of the “safe third country” concept extension, people requesting asylum will see admissibility of their claim denied more often and be deported out of the EU on the basis of loose connection links, also raising the risk of push-backs. The previously signed EU-Turkey Agreement is a good example, externalizing asylum requests screening to third countries.

Hence, we are calling:

1 – To mobilization, Luxembourg Square, in front of the European Parliament on April 10, 15:00 as EP Members will cast their vote on the Migration Pact

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We can not remain silent. We shall not join the celebration of a systematic dismantlement of human rights in Europe. We will be present amidst the affected communities, the civil society organizations, the collectives and groups defending human rights at the international level, to confront EU leaders and politicians supporting this shameful agreement.

We stand convinced that every human being has the right to dignified life, regardless of his or her race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious obedience, nationality, political opinion, and we will stand in solidarity with those targeted by these unjust an cruel policies.

Beyond borders, we will stay united with people in migration and asylum seekers. We will continue to fight for justice and their dignity. Our humanity has no geographical boundary. We will keep on resisting and fight for a future where justice and solidarity shall prevail.

2 – To e-mobilize to put pressure en masse on the EP members whose seat will be at stake in a couple of months, using ready-to-use tools :

Email-templates pre-addressed to the EP Members, quite simple to use:


  • Open the Email template folder for English-speaking EP Members : this folder includes 20 templates, so as to stay within the number of addressees boundaries and avoid being flagged as a spam and thus blacklisted.
  • Click on the first file named “EN_Email.1.20.txt”
  • Copy the list of email addresses located under “BCC” and paste it in the “To” field of your draft email
  • Then copy the line located below “SUBJECT” and paste it in the “OBJECT” field of your draft email
  • Then copy the paragraphs located below “MESSAGE” and paste them in the body of your draft email
  • Add in CC
  • Send your message
  • Iterate the same operation with the second file named “EN_Email.2.20.txt”, and so on and so forth until “EN_Email.20.20.txt”.


You just need to click on each of the following links successively to send your emails :

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Email 4

Email 5

Email 6

Email 7

Email 8

Email 9

Email 10

Email 11

Email 12

Email 13

Email 14

Email 15

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Email 20

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