Join our postcard action! 20 years is enough – stop counting candles, start counting lives: Abolish Frontex!

Abolish Frontex.
End the EU border regime.

The militarised policies of Fortress Europe have killed over 48,647 people since 1993. Drowned in the Mediterranean; shot at borders; died by suicide at detention centers, tortured and killed after being deported – the EU has blood on its hands. 

Frontex is the European Union’s border police force. It is a key actor in the EU’s war on people who move.

Frontex is the largest EU agency. With a 5.6 billion euro budget, Frontex will soon have an army of 10,000 border guards able to own and use firearms. Across and beyond the EU, the agency deploys ships, planes, drones, patrol cars, and radars; it takes active part in deportations; it helps third countries surveil and police people on the move. 

It’s time to abolish Frontex and the system it represents.


#AbolishFrontex honours and is grounded in respect for all the work that has come before and continues to be done at local, national and international levels in the struggle against borders, deportation, detention and structural racism.

The aim of Abolish Frontex is not to reform or improve Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. Instead, we are targeting the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. We are working towards the dismantling of the border-industrial complex, and the building of a society where people are free to move and live.

Banner photo by Wouter ter Wee.

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