8-14 August: International No Border Camp in Rotterdam: ‘Abolish Frontex’

4 August 2022 – From Monday 8 to Sunday 14 August the No Border Camp 2022 will take place in Rotterdam. Hundreds of international activists will gather for a week of actions, meetings, workshops, discussion and culture in the context of the struggle for a world without borders and freedom of movement for all. The international ‘Abolish Frontex’ campaign is an important spearhead of the camp.

The No Border Camp, including its actions and workshops, will call attention to the repressive and militarized Dutch and EU border and migration policies, at a time they reach new heights with walls, racism, violence and push-backs at and beyond the borders. From the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in Ter Apel to EU cooperation with non-EU-countries to stop refugees before they can reach the EU external borders, and from the situation of LGTBQIA+-refugees in The Netherlands to the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Participants to the camp will also discuss issues such as movement building and strategy.

Abolish Frontex is a decentralized and autonomous network of at the moment some 130 groups and organizations from EU countries and beyond. The aim of Abolish Frontex is not to reform or improve EU border guard agency Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. Abolish Frontex is working towards ending the EU border regime, dismantling the border-industrial complex, and building a society where people are free to move and live.

The camp is organized by a coalition of activists from several groups in The Netherlands, and follows the previous No Border Camps in Rotterdam (2013) and Wassenaar (2019). The camp in 2019 ended with the occupation of the roof of the NATO Communications and Informations Agency in The Hague, to protest the role of NATO in forcing people to flee and its involvement in border security in the Mediterranean.

The exact location of the camp will be announced on Monday.

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